[originally published on 28/5/15]

So, here it is. The first prototype for the tool that i think could revolutionise assessment in schools.

If this is entirely new to you, please review this brief background:

  • I’m proposing that we use technology to deploy automated assessment that is more than basic quizzes. It uses a technique to differentiate between secure knowledge, uncertainty and misconception
  • This gives much more insight for both teachers and pupils
  • The method is sound but only valid for assessing recall of objective fact.
  • Ultimately, the aim is that teachers can create and deploy their own assessments

Here’s some notes specific to this prototype

  • This prototype is a working demo of the assessment format cobbled together from easily available parts
  • Most of the core features are in place but there’s lots of refinement still to come
  • Reporting functions will come in the future
  • I’d really appreciate feedback – a link to a feedback form is provided at the end
  • If your are interested in taking part in the pilot phase do let me know on the form
  • It would also be really useful if you could share this with more teachers. Please share the link to this page so they can see the context.

Go to the prototype


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