What Do You Really Know is a resource for teachers, schools and casual quizzers.

This is a personal project. I have created this site to promote and explore the use of certainty-based assessment for education. It is a semi-commercial venture – as optimistic as I am about the potential for certainty-based assessment, I don’t expect to make much money from this. In the future there will probably be ads and/or subscription, to cover operating costs and provide me with pocket money.

I’m standing on the shoulders of giants – much of this site is made possible due to open-source code and freely available methods. Those parts that I claim copyright on are the original writing, the original code, the novel UI designs and the name/brand. Use these (without my permission) at your peril!


I am borrowing heavily from the work of Tony Gardner-Medwin, an emeritus professor of physiology at UCL who has been advocating the use of Certainty-based assessment since 1994.

I am building the site using a large number of open-source tools – notably Drupal CMS and the Bootstrap front-end framework.

Important notes

If you are an organisation*, other than a school, interested in certainty-based assessment I cannot work with you directly. To avoid conflict of interest, you will need to engage with me through my employer. I’m very happy to make the introduction and we will be pleased to help you with your requirements.

*This includes educational publishers and higher education institutions, both of which are organisations that my employer works with.

Serious offers for funding will be considered.

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