Welcome to my new project!

What Do You Really Know? is an idea that I’m developing, to make confidence-based assessment widely available for use in education and for fun.

Confidence-based assessment (CBA) has been around for a long time, but is not that widely known about. The idea is that alongside answers you ask respondents to indicate how confident they are in their answer. This enables you to differentiate between secure knowledge, uncertainty, and misconception. The approach overcomes a key weakness of closed questioning – that participants that make correct guesses appear as capable as those who have securely grasped the concept. This is extremely useful insight for both learners and teachers.

My aims are:

-To raise awareness of CBA amongst schoolteachers
-To provide web-based tool for the delivery of CBA that is suitable for use by teachers

At the moment the project is in the earliest stages of development. I have an idea, a name and some very rough designs. My first priority is to create a working prototype and share this with the world. If you are interested in following my progress, follow me on twitter where I will endeavour to post updates.

In developing this tool, I am borrowing heavily from the work of Tony Gardner-Medwin, an emeritus professor of physiology at UCL who has been advocating the use of Certainty-based assessment since 1994! Although I intend to be blogging quite frequently about CBA, it is a path that has already been walked and many of my ‘discoveries’ will have already been documented. Tony’s work, including a working system, is available at http://www.ucl.ac.uk/lapt/index.htm.